Wines from Gavalas Winery

Gavalas Santorini

Dry white, PDO Santorini

Grapes: 90% Assyrtiko, 10% Aidani

Vinification: Only 25% of the juice is extracted then placed in stainless steel tanks for a classic white wine vinification at 18 oC

Tasting Notes: Delicate fruity aromas of pear, pineapple and citrus. A full-bodied wine with balanced acidity and long finish.
Food Pairing: Serve at 10-12oC. Ideal with all seafood, white meat and light cheese.

2011 Gavalas Santorini

Gavalas Nykteri

Dry White, PDO Santorini

Grape: Assyrtiko

Vinification: Classic white wine vinification. Aged 6 months in barrel.

Tasting notes: Full-bodied with aromas of pears and jasmine and a long mineral finish.

Food Pairing: Serve at 10-12oC, with seafood, grilled fish, white meats and spicy foods.

2010 Nykteri – Assyrtiko


Gavalas Katsano

Dry white, Grapes: 85% Katsano & 15% Gaidouria

Vinification: Classic white wine vinification

Tasting Notes: Yellow-straw color with green highlights. Sweet aromas of flowers, honey and lemon blossom. Develops a rich taste on the palate with exceptional balance, pleasant acidity and a long aftertaste.

Food Pairing: Serve at 10-12oC. Goes well with all seafood and white meat dishes with light sauces.

Gavalas Vinsanto

Sweet White Wine, PDO Santorini

Grapes: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani

Vinification: Grapes are picked ripe and sun-dried on terraces for 10-15 days during late August. Classic white wine vinification that lasts till Christmas.

Tasting Notes: Orange-yellow color with a complex bouquet of sundried fruits and honey. Velvety on the palate, with great balance between sweetness and acidity.

Food Pairings: Serve at 8 o C, by itself or with chocolate and caramel desserts.

2005 Gavalas Vinsanto

About the Winery:
The Gavalas family’s history, part of the rich tradition of winemaking in Santorini, is carried on today by George Gavalas utilizing many of the same practices as his distant forefathers. But even though many customs of the past still remain, George has been able to bring a modern approach to the family business in order to help realize the enormous potential of the indigenous varieties from this unique volcanic island. The winery, located in Megalohori, focuses on the main variety of Assyrtiko, but also been involved in reviving some of the more obscure grapes on the island like Katsano and Gaidouria.

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