Wines from Canava Roussos

Canava Rousos Santorini

Dry white, PDO Santorini

Grapes: Assyrtiko, Aidani

Vinification: Classic white vinification

Tasting notes: Fresh, light lemon color. Bouquet of peach, pineapple and pear, with notes of white blossoms and a pleasing, fresh acidity.

Food Pairing: Serve at 10-12oC, with all seafood. Goes especially well with fish, lobster and hard, salty cheeses.

Canava Roussos Nykteri

Dry white, PDO Santorini

Grape: Assyrtiko

Vinification : Classic white wine vinification. Aged 6months in oak

Tasting Notes: Light lemon in color with flashes of gold. Bouquet of honeydew melon with gentle hints of honeycomb and vanilla.

Food Pairing: Serve at 10-12oC, with charcoal grilled fish, smoked meats and sausage, dishes with white sauces and aged cheeses.

Canava Roussos Vinsanto

Sweet White, PDO Santorini

Grapes: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani

Vinification: Very ripe grapes are sun-dried for 15 days and then fermented under controlled conditions.
Aged in oak for less that 1 year

Tasting Notes: Deep honey color with hints of gold. Beautiful bouquet of dried figs, plum and nuts together with caramel and vanilla notes on the palate. Delicate sweetness cut by citrus rind that lingers on the finish.

Food Pairing: Serve at 8˚C, with nuts, fruitcake, fruit preserves and chocolate morsels, or simply as an aperitif.

Canava Roussos Mavrothiro

Sweet Red

Grapes: Mavrothiro, Mandelaria, Assyrtiko

Vinification: Very ripe grapes are picked and sun-dried for twenty days and then the 3 varieties are vinified all together.

Tasting Notes: Rich, dark color with aromas of wild cherry, blackberry, cinnamon and clove. Complex flavors with hints of sweet spice and a pleasing sweetness on the palate.

Food Pairing: Serve at 8˚C, with nuts, fruitcake, fruit preserves and chocolate. Drink also as an aperitif or as a mixer in cocktails.

About the Winery:
Founded in 1836 by brothers Mannolis and Yannis, the Roussos family winemaking tradition is being carried on today by Yannis Roussos II, a member of the 5th generation. One of the first to introduce bottled wine to the Santorini market, Yannis has also been a strong advocate for the protection of the historic vineyards from tourist development and an ardent supporter of the local farmers. Although not certified, Yannis, like most of the producers and growers on the island are able to practically cultivate their vineyards organically, because of the natural protection from disease and pests that the volcanic environment has created.

Canava Roussos
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