Canavas Winery

Canava Chryssou Tselepos Santorini

Dry White, PDO Santorini

Grape: Assyrtiko

Tasting Notes: Intense and typical characteristics of the variety. Bright, straw blonde, color. Fine aromas of citrus, hints of iodine and a sense of minerality, which comes up stronger through the years. Robust and well balanced in the mouth, long lasting fruity aftertaste.

Vineyard - Winemaking: Grapes come mostly from the private vineyards Chryssou’s family, at Emporio, Akrotiri and Pyrgos. The soil is sandy, with high porosity, rich in ash and pumice. The ages of the vines are 50-100 years old and the yield is only 1400 kg/h. We gather the grapes at mid-August and put them in the cooling chamber. We put the uncrushed grapes in the pneumatic press Winemaking includes alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 16-17oC and stay in the lees for 3 months.

Canava Chryssou Tselepos Santorini 2015

About the Winery:
Winemaker, Yiannis Tselepos, has joined together with the Chrissou family of Santorini to create one of the newest wineries on the island. The Chrissou family owns 12 hectares of vineyards in Pyrgos and Emporio, which range from 50 to 100 years old, and are cultivated using the traditional method of the Santorini basket vines. The winery’s first release was from the 2014 harvest. Chryssou/Tselepos’ mission is to produce only super premium wines which reflect the special characteristics of Santorini’s distinct terroir. Tselepos chose Santorini to develop his next winery project, that will be his 3rd in addition to the PDO regions of Mantinia and Nemea, where he also has his own vineyards. An added dimension to creating the new winery is producing wines from grapes grown in the challenging environment of Santorini’s unique volcanic soils and microclimate. In order to maintain a sustainable cultivation regimen in the vineyards, the current low yields of 1300kg per hectare will gradually be increased year by year to 4000kg per hectare, while maintaining the authentic characteristics of Santorini viticulture.

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