Wines from Boutari

Boutari Santorini

Dry White, PDO Santorini

Grape: Assyrtiko

Tasting Notes: Yellow-white color, with aromas of exotic and citrus fruits, green apple, peach and grapefruit. A refined wine, with crisp acidity, intense mineral character and rich full body. Wonderfully balanced with a long, intense aromatic aftertaste.

Vinification: Classic White Vinification

Food pairing: Serve at 10 - 12 °C. Combines perfectly with all seafood and fish. Try serving with chicken and white meat dishes.

Santorini 2011

Boutari Kallisti Reserve

Dry white, PDO Santorini

Grape: Assyrtiko

Vinification: Classic white vinification. Fermentation in oak barrels with stirring of the lees.

Tasting notes: Golden yellow color. Complex aromas of  oak, almond, smoke and vanilla which blend harmoniously with the varietal aroma of flowers and citrus. Soft, round and full-bodied with a lingering aromatic aftertaste.

Food pairing: Serve at 10 - 12 °C, with shellfish, fish and cheeses high in fat.

Kallisti Reserve 2007

Boutari Vinsanto

Sweet White, PDO Santorini

Grapes: 90% Assyrtiko, 10% Aidani and other local varieties

Vinification: Grapes sun-dried for 7-15 days. White vinification method at a very slow pace of up to one month.

Tasting Notes: Orange-yellow color due to the “sun-dried” grapes and ageing in the barrel. Intense, complex aromas brought on by the ageing process. Flavors of honey, fruits glacés, raisins and sweet spices. Rich taste and excellent balance, due to the acidity of the Αssyrtiko. Long, aromatic aftertaste.

Food pairing: Served at 6 - 8 °C as an aperitif or with dessert.

Vinsanto 2007

About the Winery:
One of the prized estates of the Boutari Group, the Santorini winery, located in  Megalohori, opened in 1989 and has played a leading role in the commercial development of Santorini wines worldwide, as well as in the viticultural development of the island. Boutari has brought experience and innovative thinking to Santorini, playing a pivotal role in establishing the modern parameters for today’s August harvest and helping Assyrtiko achieve its full potential. Combining modern winemaking techniques with tradition, Boutari has helped raise the qualitative standards required for the production of Santorini’s PDO wines. Their wines are focused mainly on local indigenous grapes, including the whites varieties of Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri and the reds of Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. They also have 6 hectares of their own vineyards, first planted in 1992, where they experiment with local varieties using traditional viticultural techniques.

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